Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Future Evil Twin/Good Twin Conversation

ET: OMG!!!! You are so like the best BFF EVER!!!
GT: no, you're the best BFF ever!! That's why I was inspired!
ET: OMG!!!!! This is so amazingly cool!!  Ok.  A moment of silence so we can bow to the great and awesome that is .............

*moment of silence*

GT: It is pretty cool!
ET: This totally kicks ass!!!
GT: I know!


  1. I frigging LOVE YOU!!! I'm just too chickensh*t to dream anymore! It seems that everytime I say "This will make me all shades of happy." Life says "Lol! No you can't haz!!!"

  2. Having seen the graveyard of my dreams that weren't meant to be, I'm surprised that you haven't learned one of the very foundations of GoodTwinLand. I survived some of the darkest times by dreaming myself in the most wonderful places, imagining myself in idylic circumstances. It doesn't matter if those dreams come to fruition. All that matters is that you have dreams. And you keep dreaming. *hugs*