Thursday, September 27, 2012


In case you hadn’t noticed- our blog was recently blessed by the Blog Fairy Godmother- Heather Rolin!
Please check out her awesomeness at:
For those who didn’t get a chance to appreciate my artistic attempt *embarrassed cough* Here it is in all it's glory:

Yep- somehow she turned ‘What the Heck’ into ‘WOW!’  Seriously- I didn’t even give her a color scheme to work with!  She must be a kindred spirit or a Blog Whisperer or something equally as magickal as she made me feel completely comfortable from the first email exchange- and she was able to translate our posts into the perfect visual representation of us!  Plus she’s a wonderful human being as well -with a great sense of humor J  Thank you Blog Fairy Godmother!!!

We’re Legally Separated, Let the Dating Begin!

The ink was barely dry on my separation agreement when I went to meet an old boyfriend.  This was good for me as I needed to break out of the destructive cycle of my marriage.  This was good for my self-esteem.  When your husband repeatedly cheats on you, your self-esteem takes a few hits. In hindsight, this was not a smart move.  Getting involved with someone so soon after my separation caused a lot of confusion and heartache.  I needed to break away on my own, not run to someone else.  I needed to find the strength to stand on my own two feet, to learn to love myself most.  This process took twice as long because I delayed the “growing through pain” part.  And I hurt someone else.

My standard advice since has been not to date while separated.  Yes, I understand you have a legal separation, yes I understand that your intention is to divorce, yes I understand s/he is a rotten SOB and you just want to feel human again.  The best advice I can give you is to dust off some of your old interests, find some new interests, catch up with friends but wait until you are legally divorced to start dating.  Give yourself that time to heal.    

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Affairs – Online, Emotional and Otherwise

I’m not sure of the percentage of affairs being the cause of divorce but I’m sure it’s pretty high.  This is what led to my separation and countless other separation/divorces amongst my friends and acquaintances.

One trend that I have noticed is the question of whether online and emotional affairs are really cheating.  I absolutely think both forms are cheating.  My ex-husbands first “affair” (I call her 2.1 as I was his 2nd wife and she was the 1st person that I’m aware of who he had an affair with).  This was very much an online affair.  While there was no physical activity, they were taking pictures of their private parts and emailing back and forth …and emailing pictures of the during and the results of masturbation.  At the time I suspected that the pain this caused me couldn’t be any worse if he had stuck his dick in her.  This suspicion was confirmed with 2.2, the emotional pain was just as horrible.  The fact that 2.2 was my good “friend” and I now had to go get STD testing…while pregnant with my son…is what made 2.2 a little worse.  Online or physical, either way my husband chose another woman over me.  Either way it’s cheating and the pain caused is horrible.

Emotional affairs are still a form a cheating.  I hear both men and women saying “this person gets me, more than my spouse”.  Well, your spouse clearly got you at some point, you’re married after all.  Instead of spending time/energy into reconnecting with their spouse, people spend that time/energy into starting new relationships.  When you choose a new relationship over your marriage, you are cheating.  Plain and simple.    

If you stay together long enough, every marriage reaches a point when spouses need to realize that you are no longer falling in love, now you are choosing to love.  Isn’t that the point of getting married?  To spend the rest of your life with this person?  You choose to love in the unlovable moments, that’s commitment.

In between 2.2 and 2.2 revisited (yes, she came back around a few years later), I had the opportunity to cheat on my now ex-husband, to have a physical affair.  The thought in my mind was “it’s time I have some fun and it’s time HE has to get over one of my mistakes”.  I had every reason to want to enact some revenge but when it came down to it, my choice was to fall in love with my husband again.  I sobbingly confessed what I had been thinking about doing, we had some amazing talks and some of the best sex of our relationship and I thought we were stronger than ever!!  It was a challenge to deny my physical urges for 1.1.  It was incredibly hard to confess my thoughts to my husband…including the “you get over my mistake for a change” thought.  I made the choice to love my husband.  The change in our relationship was amazing! I don’t believe I had ever felt closer to him!

In summary, don’t kid yourself into thinking that online and emotional affairs are not really cheating.  They are both forms of cheating.  Any and all cheating causes horrible pain.  Remember: “Marriage is falling in love, over and over again, always with the same person”.  Good Twin advice, choose your spouse!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Divorce – Who gets the friends?

One of the sensitive subjects of divorce, who gets the friends?  Obviously, he’s leaving with whatever friends he brought and she is keeping her pre-marriage friends.  But what happens with the friends you’ve made as a couple?  Even the most amicable of divorces are still confronted by this issue.

I think of my friend Sue.  Overall, she and her husband had a pretty amicable split…probably the most amicable that I’ve seen.  Everything was divided nice and neatly and they went their separate ways.  As a couple, they were good friends with another couple.  Mr. Friend wanted to stay friends with ex-husband.  Mrs. Friend wanted to stay friends with ex-wife.  The fact that they remained friends with ex-husband put a strain on the friendship of the ladies.  Even though there was no major drama here, it’s the little things like “who gets invited to the bbq”?  What happens when each party starts dating someone new? What if you share details (accidentally or otherwise) of the other parties’ personal, post-divorce life?  The mutual friends feel caught in the middle.  It’s a touchy subject with tons of hurt feelings. 

The demon hEX and I had the bar fly buddies from our pre-kids life and our daycare families from post-kids.  For the most part I think everyone did a good job trying to stay neutral and supportive of both of us.  But when he did the Peter Pan off the edge of sanity, it was time to pick a side.  He occasionally makes mention of the bar fly buddies who he keeps in touch with.  Whether that’s because they are really “on his side” or because he’s still a bar fly, I don’t know.  My view on that is “they’re all yours dude”.

The sore spot is a family who I have considered to be family to me.  As much as they have tried to remain neutral, I have tried to not impose a “pick a side” sentiment on them.  But I live with the trauma the demon hEX caused, and to continue to give him the benefit of the doubt minimizes the trauma that he put me and my children though.  In my snarky moments I want to say “it’s not like the protective order fairy decided to grace my pillow one night, these orders were granted for a reason”.  I decided after storm demon hEX that I only wanted true friends in my life.  And this bites at the heart of the definition of “true friend”. 

I have no answers at this moment in time, this is more of a “food for thought” moment and something to consider if you are pondering divorce.  Both well-meaning and drama seeking “friends” can be very hurtful and will cause more confusion and problems.  On the Good Twin silver lining side, going through a divorce, particularly a nasty divorce, will also show you who your true friends are.  My Good Twin advice is to hang on to your true friends, however you personally define "true friend".  In the end, they are the friends who matter.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

This Explains Everything

The Good Twin and I spend way too much time trying to self diagnose our mental state of being.  So I came up with this simple visual aid to prove to her that we are not in fact Bi-Polar:

Not Bi-Polar:


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Evil Twin Popcorn Hangover

So, how bad is your popcorn hangover from my freak out last night?

What kind of popcorn were you eating?

I'm getting ready to order from the Popcorn Factory if you have any special requests.  I suggest you consider the 6 gallon tin as it doesn't appear that MMP is going anywhere...and I have many appliances...

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I'm Never Getting Drunk Again!!!!

OK, so for anyone who knows me- the Title may be a bit of a stretch....
But seriously!  Elliott In the Morning (local DC radio show) was discussing this news story and my brain has been spinning about it ever since.  If you would like to read the whole story- please click:

Otherwise- we'll go straight to the point that's got me all spun up:

"But at the bar's entrance, according to the lawsuit, Dyer stumbled. He grabbed at the bar's wooden door for support, but a Smith Point employee allegedly closed the door on Dyer's hand—cutting off his left pinky finger.
Dyer, apparently so deep in a vod-bomb haze that he didn't notice he was down a digit, was trying to get cab money from an ATM when a cop pointed out that he was bleeding all over Georgetown. By the time Dyer was in an ambulance, however, it was too late to reattach the finger, according to his lawyer."
So if I am reading this correctly, it is humanly possible to be so drunk, you could lose a finger and not even realize it?  You could actually be wasted to the point that you have no clue that you're gushing blood while trying to use an ATM? 
Now I've been drunk before (yes, completely shocking, I know!) and I've been intoxicated to the point where my powers of observation are more than a tad flawed (yes, Good Twin's sliding glass door- I'm talking to you)  But this story freaks me out more than Spontaneous Human Combustion and spiders! 


“It’s not what happens to us that counts, it’s our reaction to it.”

As you know, I am a single parent in just about every sense of the term.  I'm also very opinionated and I'm a fire sign.  So, my inbox periodically receives news stories from friends who are either seriously curious about my opinions (hahaha - can't even type that with a straight face) or who are bored and I put on a good show when my buttons are pushed.

Today's news story:

School Bans Father-Daughter Dances

Before I share my response, I would like to address "father Adam Roy" who is quoted and reproduced here:

“There’s not many opportunities for a father to be with their daughter. I think it’s a travesty to be quite honest with you,” father Adam Roy told the station.

There are PLENTY of opportunities for fathers to spend time with their daughters, find out what her interests are and plan an outing, you don't need the school for this, you just MAKE TIME FOR YOUR KID, ASSHOLE!

*deep cleansing breath* OK, my take on this story is reproduced herein:

I think the girl should have been able to go and bring whatever father figure she wanted, including her mother (although if this were my daughter, I think we would opt for an evening at the spa and a Brazilian steakhouse dinner instead of a school dance…but I would still buy her a corsage for the occasion).  I think the school was wrong to say she can’t participate because she doesn’t have a father. But I also think banning the event is a little extreme. 

These types of traditions are important but I think schools need to evolve with the times and focus on the spirit of these traditions.  I also believe that parents need to stop using their situations to martyr themselves and also focus on the spirit of these traditions. 

What this woman just taught her daughter is that she is a victim of her circumstance.  I would rather teach my daughter that while her circumstance is not ideal, it does not take away from all the amazing things that she is!  

Thursday, September 13, 2012

No- We're Not Going to Spam You

So I got this wonderful *account suspension* email from Google at 4:00 in the morning. 
(Insert total Evil Twin freak out and melt down here as to document it fully would require several hours worth of reading and therapy, lots and lots of therapy)
Long, painful story short- their system flagged our blog as "potential spam" and once I was able to dance through the hoops and prove that we are indeed real live people and not some evil company's robot using a free blog in order to spam people.
The potential spam warning will still come up when you go to open our blog and may take a couple days before they remove it.

Again- yes we are real people- and no we're not going to spam you.  We don't even like canned mystery meat! (except for those little Vienna sausages)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

You Can't Argue with Crazy...

While driving back from a business trip today, (and NO that is so NOT the code phrase for "hiding bodies" - again, we don't do that and we recommend that you don't do it either.  Yes, it's tempting and yes, in my eyes you're probably 100% justified- however this is something that the Courts clearly frown upon *much like acknowledging that you've legally changed your last name- yes, VA legal system I'm talking to you* (cough cough) and therefore, sadly, we must as well.  Please leave the much needed cleanup duties to karma and pray that the Ex invests heavily in a ridiculously expensive washing machine...)
So back to me then? Indeed...
So Anywho- I'm on quite a long drive back home (we're talking "can almost make it through every guilty pleasure on your iPod" long) and as my brain is overly fond of wandering to places it should not- when I did tune back in to reality (aren't you glad you're not driving behind me right now?) -I found "Sane" and "Crazy" Me in a heated debate (I may have been distracted by a Rick Springfield song which I will neither confirm nor deny)
Sane Me:  OK, so what's the game plan?
Crazy Me: (being sarcastic) "Get Drunk and Cry?"
Sane Me: Technically that would not be a Game Plan as a Game Plan is where you pick a course of action that has the potential for a positive outcome.
Crazy Me: Well, it is too a game plan!  You can drink to the point where you forget why you were crying in the first place.  The positive outcome being that you are no longer crying (or caring!  And bonus points for tissues saved!)
Sane Me:  damn
Formerly Distracted Me: Holy hell!  Did Sane Me just lose an argument to Crazy Me?  And don't try to tell me you think it's just physical - it goes way deeper than that!
(OMG busted!)

Please Note: If you are reading this and find yourself pondering just how many Me's a single, normal sized human head could possibly contain- do know that I excel at being a mental onion of Olympic proportion. (Wait, there are onions in the Olympics?  Sadly no- both "Overly Dramatic" Me and "Bring on the Sarcasm!" Me insisted that I type that. So yes- mental onion of Olympic proportion and we're talking many, many layers- who sometimes bring friends- especially "Attention Whore" Me- ugh, she is such a Diva!)
 (Who is so NOT singing along to Rick Springfield at the moment)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Of Nuns and Boobs and Back to School Night, oh my!

Tonight is back to school night at my kids' school.  For some reason I'm feeling a little anxious about this.  This isn't my first year meeting the teachers of my children, all by myself, and it certainly won't be the last.  I'm very comfortable in my single parent spot and no longer feel achy or alone at these school things.  I've actually started to enjoy some of them in the last year.  But today I'm feeling anxious. Evil Twin lovingly pointed out to me that there won't be any scary Nuns there tonight.  I suddenly flashed to my Catholic school days...

There were nuns all over that school...except in whatever class my brother had.  He got the cool teachers.  I always ended up with nuns.  They were mean which I always thought was very contrary to God's messages.  I also thought the nuns were so mean to me because they didn’t have any boobs and they knew one day I would have boobs (haha, jokes on them).  One day, when Sister Ann George was in a particularly nasty mood with me (she didn't like how I wrote my “2's”), and she was being really, really mean, I actually visualized (yes, Ally McBeal moments started that early for me) myself telling her “You’re just jealous because you don’t have boobs and one day I will!!”  Fortunately, years of Catholic school training had taught me to keep my mouth shut, my head down and “for God’s sake, wipe that smirk off my face!!” 


Monday, September 10, 2012

~Welcome to the Good Twin/Evil Twin Divorce Club~

As the co-president and co-founder of the Good Twin/Evil Twin Divorce Club- I feel it is my duty to inform you of the following:
  1. We're here for you judgement free -whether you're the first Ex-Mrs. or Ex-Mrs. 4.0... (For the record, Good Twin and I are both former Wife 2.0's)
  2. We will not help you bury the body.  Sorry, but this rule is set in stone with no exceptions.  The Good Twin is a Mom of 2 young Minions and will not risk jail time and Evil Twin is pigmentally challenged and can not be forced into a life where she must wear orange.  Yes, we do truly love you and yes we do see your point- but alas, even our affection has legal limitations.
  3. We are not professional Dr.'s, Lawyer's, Therapist's, Etc....  any advice or insight that we give is from our own personal life experiences and is in no way, shape or form "professional advice"
  4. You are not crazy and you are not alone.  Going through the life-altering experience of a divorce can make you run the Olympic gamut of emotions.  You may be full-on spontaneous awesome one day and down in the dumps lower than pond scum the next day.  Adjusting to a life where you are no longer "wife" puts you body, mind and soul through a lot of crazy changes!  Please feel free to vent on here- but bear in mind that if you have thoughts of hurting yourself or others- please seek medical attention.  Again, we are not judging you but if you have reoccurring thoughts of harming yourself or others- please put your own health first and talk to a licensed professional.
  5. We feel that humor heals.  Life can be unexpected, tragic, unfair, etc... but taking those things that used to "break" us and making them something that we can laugh about- that's what keeps us sane! 
  6. Once you acknowledge that certain words press your "buttons" you start to gain control over your own emotions.  Let's face it- divorce brings out the "ugly" in all of us and we all have those sensitive areas that our Ex knows all too well (ex. "You're just like your Mother"  "If you really loved me you would...."  "You're a bad Mom/Dad because you")  We've both been there!  And we're still in the process of "growing through it" again, you're not alone!
  7. We respect all Faiths and Devotions- Good Twin and I come from opposite ends of the Faith Spectrum- yet we both believe in having faith in something that positively influences your life- and that it is something worth celebrating.  Whatever name you chose to celebrate be it  "God" or the "Higher Power" or "Spirit" -or whether you chose not to accept a concept of God - we appreciate your faith or beliefs- however if you leave a comment that we feel is a deliberate attack on someone else's faith or spirituality- we will delete it.  We will also send you a private email letting you know why we chose to delete your comment without retaliation of any sort on our blog or in future emails.
  8. Please do not use our blog as a way to promote your business.  If you feel your business offers a unique service to us and our followers- please send us an email at:  we promise to give every inquiry our full attention and will respond in kind.  If you post a link to your services without our consent- we will utilize our rights to delete your comment.
  9. Our Blog is not private and therefore is out on the Internet for the entire world to see- please note that although all comments are welcome- we are under legal obligation of to disclose all communication via public or private if requested by law.
  10. Should your comment indeed cost you an appliance, by posting on this site you agree to hold harmless, it’s individual owners, and their successors, from any and all liability, including but not limited to any and all claims, demands, losses, causes of action, damage, lawsuits, judgments, including attorneys' fees and costs.(Good Twin doesn’t have a sense of humor when it comes to legalities…just ask demon hEX)

*amended with Snarky Love by*

Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Special Thank You to John Marani

So, a couple of posts back I was whining about how much it sucks to be the new blogger on the block. I need blogger friends!  Blogger friends who leave comments!  Am I even doing this right?
I also sent a Facebook message to my friend/teacher/HHP John Marani as I wanted to create a link to his web page on here as I feel people who excel in their chosen fields should get a special shout out.  Plus, not everyone is lucky enough to know John- but they should!
Not only was John good with being Internet stalked by the Evil Twin, he also became our first follower!  Not only that, he gave us a special shout out on his own blog as well as walked me through blog awesome that I had yet to discover.  Sometimes life blesses you with friends who are willing to show you the ropes, protect you from the bullies who are out to steal your lunch money and are there to let you know that someone believes in you.  Thank you John for your encouragement, wisdom and ability to deal in all that is Evil Twinism! You Sir, Totally Rock!!! 

P.S.- Now get back to writing!  ;)

Spending karma at the Nike outlet...

My kids and I were in search of new shoes yesterday.  I imagine plucking my finger nails off with pliers is less painful than shoe shopping with my daughter...*shudder at memory* So we enter the Nike outlet and she makes a b line for the kids section.  I 'm walking, very slowly, in her direction when I notice that my 6 year old son, who was right next to me, has stopped to inspect the two mannequins in the front of the store.  He is starting at them with the "WTF" look on his little face when I notice that the mannequins have no heads!

Me: Minion 2! What did you do with their heads?
Minion 2: (WTF look changes to deer in headlights look)- I didn't do anything!
Me: Minion 2, I'm going to have to pay for those. Now I'm asking you again, what did you do with those heads??
M2: (deer in headlights moves to mini panic) Honest mom! I didn't touch them, I didn't do anything! I promise mom!

At this point the sales guy standing near us busts out laughing, which makes me bust out laughing.

M2: (panic changing to a big cutie pie grin): Oh, I get it mom. You're joking on me!!  Haha

Me and sales guy are laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes!

 *Channeling Evil Twin* 

P.S.  please don't call CPS, I'm actually a very good mom!  Look what I made him for breakfast...

Saturday, September 8, 2012

It's Tough to Be the New Kid! ~E.T. Thoughts on achieving Blogdom

So here we are on day 3 (or 4?) and look how far we've come :)
I'm becoming less of an editing design and font Nazi and starting to enjoy the creative outlook of having a blog.  Of course having your best friend on here as well is an added perk!
I found myself in blog layout envy looking around at other ones out there and it's killing me that I don't have this one to the level of awesome that I know we can achieve. I hope that when we do get on that bus- and start making friends with the other blogs - that the wit and wisdom of who we are gets through.  There are a lot of funny blogs out there.  There are a lot of great advice blogs out there.  So what makes us special?  If we can make anyone snicker or feel less alone- then I will deem us a success! 

Yay! Free Samples! Oh wait....

After achieving the ultimate level of lazy- I placed my first order online to Bath & Body Works.  I love their products and the buy 3 get 3 free was too enticing to ignore.  So I ordered in mass bulk, smug in the knowledge that my big lazy behind no longer has to drive all the way to the store and waddle across the parking lot AND carry my own stuff back to the car (yeah, you get my point.)  So WIN!!!
Imagine my glee when I open the box and they've included free samples!!!  OMG, I have just hit the Bath & Body Works lotto and my butt is never driving there again!  Being of the paranoid sort, I grab the enclosed invoice to verify that yes, this goodness is free, so imagine my utter dismay at seeing that no- they did indeed charge me for my wins.  What?  It turns out I don't even like the smell of WIN!  (Although be Enchanted smells fabulous!)  Then I notice that the invoice is for $35.22 and I know my order was at least twice that (shut up- this Witch likes to smell nice!)  I also made the realization that no, I'm indeed not Jan McCoy in WV. 
Yep- someone in shipping and receiving was a tad drunk when packaging orders and they sent me Jan's by mistake.  I now have a tale of woe email into Bath & Body Works' Customer Service and let's see how well they save the day! 


Friday, September 7, 2012

Good Twinisms

We all have our own dating criteria.  Those things we look for in a potential partner, the things we don't care about, the quirks we could live with, etc.  My first go 'round in this whole dating thing, I always paid attention to how a guy treated people he didn't have to be nice to.  The waiter in a restaurant, the usher collecting tickets, the random person we pass on the street and so on. If a guy was nice to a person he didn't have to be nice to, it may be worth my time to get to know him better.  Not to say that this is a full proof plan, this was one of the things that impressed me about my ex-husband when we first starting dating. But it does help weed out some of the assholes.And let's face it, nice people are easier to share time with.

What I've learned since those days is that it's not just how he treats people he doesn't have to be nice to.  It's also how he treats the people he should be nice to...his family and friends.   Do you really want to spend the next 30 years of your life with someone who can't call his mom at least once a week?  Or ignores a friend in need until the Red Sox are done playing?  I realize that sometimes families become estranged and there are multiple sides to any story. Think about this though, his family/friends are the people he is used to and secure with...his treatment of them is a good indication of how he's going to treat you should you become part of his scenery too.

My Groupon Addiction gets worse...

The Groupon Guide to: Body Language

Thanks to body language, you don't have to hear someone's hot, breathy voice in order to learn how they're feeling. Know what's on everyone's mind just by looking at them with this guide to nonverbal communication:

Position: Head hanging down
Meaning: Shame about having lost a basketball game or never having learned to properly diaper a baby

Position: Arms crossed
Meaning: Self-conscious about something that looks like nozzles on otherwise normal chest

Position: Chin up
Meaning: Humiliated to look down at the hands that have touched so many strangers' hair

Position: Legs crossed
Meaning: Desperately trying to control the powerful leg muscles that so desperately want to kick down a door, just once, to see how it feels

Position: Balled up, quivering, screaming at the slightest hint of noise or light
Meaning: In a fit of joyful awe at all of the wonderful things the world has to offer

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Morbid Curiosity Killed the Cat....

So, most Peeps know that I'm divorced.  And like most divorces, we didn't part amicably like "Oh, my bad.. do carry on!"  No- it was ugly and painful...  Not only did it spin me off in a mid-life crisis, it had me in a total life crisis!  One minute I knew who I was, I was a Wife, Evil Step-Mommy and Cat Mommy, the next it's moving back in with the Parents sans cats and no clue of who I really am and where my life was headed.  And while I miss my cats like no tomorrow (am lucky enough that my awesome Step-Kids still love me and are friends with me) I have the greatest parents EVER- to the point where I'm never moving back out again!  (which could be quite awkward if I ever start dating again)
The only benefit being is that the Ex is completely out of the picture.  We didn't have biological children together- so no ugly drawn out custody battles.  He also moved out of state.  So besides the occasional drunk text or random email to my Dad, I've been virtually Ex free for almost 2 years now.  Today I received a text from the Ex wishing me well.  I've finally healed to the point where I don't scream in my head "DIE DIE!  PAINFUL AND SLOWLY!  DIE!!!!!" when I see his name come across my phone and there was a morbidly curious part of me that wanted to text back just to see what current drama he was in.  I'm sure Good Twin would beat me senseless were I to reply to his text
"Remember that time you got wasted in the Wegman's and called him up just to have him sing over the phone like a trained monkey?  Bad idea Evil Twin!!!!!"
(I so love her for putting up with me!)
So yeah, now that I look at it like an adult- I know that encouraging communication with the Ex is a bad idea.  And since I have no intention of rekindling a friendship with him- the right thing to do is just delete the text and move on.


So last night I played (for the first time) Plants vs. Zombies on Antonia's ipod. She quickly grew tired of me using her ipod...and as Mr. Moodypants was not sharing his ipad, PvZ was downloaded to my Nook.  I was happily playing PvZ this evening when Antonia sat down next to me.  "Mom!" She said, "How much have you played this today?"
"Not a whole lot" I replied. (Which is true...I couldn't sleep last night, I went to work today)
She continues "I've had this game two weeks longer than you and you are way past me.  You need to turn that game off and read your book!"

She actually tried to grab my Nook from me!


Currently basking in the glory of my brand new laptop!  Not only is it a brand new laptop, it's a frigging fast laptop for grown-ups!  And my inner 14 year old is complete happy squee at the backlit keyboard :)  It's the simple joys in life! 


What happens when an energetic single Mom of two and her snarky best friend decide to share their wit and wisdom on the Internet?  Stay tuned to find out.....