Monday, July 6, 2015


So I have this sister Kimmy (paternal test pending) and she's pretty awesome at being my sister.  She's super-smart, fun to be with and she brings me food when she visits the Mothership so she's pretty much the greatest sister in the history of sisters.

She's also Kimpossibly cute and small and Ginger.  And up until this picture was taken with my nephew at his High School Graduation- I was pretty sure she didn't live a secret life of crime. 

Honestly, I was so happy to have this pic of two of my favorite people- that I didn't notice Kimmy was sporting a purse that is way bigger than she is.  Also her impossibly big purse seems to be overstuffed. 
She's never been the "bring your whole arsenal wherever you go" kind of person- so what the heck does she have stuffed inside that massive purse? 
Current theories:
  1. Grandma  (I know that's gross but she's very thoughtful like that)
  2. Maddie (You're not allowed to bring your dog with you but maybe she found this tongue-in-cheek way of getting both of her children in the picture)
  3. Whatever is there to steal at a High School Graduation (and then she stole all of it as she's an overachiever even when it's for Evil.)
Nothing is off the plate weight-wise either as she's one of those people who work out and she's surprisingly strong for someone with really small arms.

~ The Evil Twin

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