Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Thank you Jimmy Carter (A religious rant)

(Quote copied from The Blaze online)

"I believe he would. I believe Jesus would. I don’t have any verse in scripture…” Carter responded when asked by HuffPo Live host Mark Lamont Hill whether Christ would embrace same-sex nuptials. “I believe that Jesus would approve of gay marriage, but I’m not – that’s just my own personal belief.”
The one-term Democratic president also said that he believes Jesus “would encourage … any love affair that was honest and sincere."

I personally take issue with People who blindly follow the Bible as the "absolute word of God." 
Yes, the Bible is the Word of God.  It is also the Word of God as translated by human ears/thoughts/opinions/biases (we all have them whether or not we chose to acknowledge them) and has been further translated so we can read it in English.  I find it sad that Carter did not have a specific bible passage that gave Jesus' irrefutable viewpoint on Gay Marriage.  I find it amazing that Carter was able to use his faith in Jesus to apply "W.W.J.D?" to an unfamiliar situation, and I feel he pretty much nailed it.  So how do you know which portions of the Bible are the absolute truth?  Technically, they are all a part of someone(s) truth.  Religion can't be taught from a book.  Religion can't be taught by Google. Religion can only be experienced through learning, relearning, questioning, feeling, relating, not relating.  If you feel something is an absolute truth- awesome!  Now question yourself- why it is an absolute truth?  Put it under a microscope.  Bounce it off other people and get their viewpoints.  Go to that dark ugly part of you and look at it through those eyes.  Be inspired by the words and faith of others, but also trust your brain and your heart to tell you what is your version of the truth.  Religion isn't a "one size fits most" kind of deal.  You have to own your own truth and viewpoint.   

~ the Evil Twin


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