Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Perfect Christmas Tree: Part III

We had an artificial Christmas tree when I was growing up.  It was perfect! It was the perfect size at 7 ft tall. It was perfectly shaped like a beautiful green, upside down ice cream cone!  Every year my brother and I enjoyed every minute of decorating our perfect tree, right down to the angel on top! Oh, how we would squeal with delight, imagining all the presents that would soon cover the space beneath the tree!  We would bask in the memories that each ornament held as we placed them on our beloved tree!  I have such wonderful memories of decorating our perfect Christmas tree with my family!

You can imagine my excitement when I purchased the Christmas tree that my daughter would grow up with! She was 16 months old and I selected a beautifully shaped, 7 ft tall, pre-lit tree!  I was beyond excited as we set up the tree and began decorating.  My beautiful baby girl marveled at this tall tree with all the sparkly lights! It was a great evening! As I regaled my parents with the story of how I got such a great pre-lit tree for such a great price, my mother commented:

Ma:  That’s not a great deal, I got our tree for $20!!!!
Me: Yaw, back in like 1980! Plus, mine is pre-lit! I don’t have to deal with lights.
Ma: Ours is just as pretty and only cost us $20!!!!
Dad: that’s because the tree was hot!
Me: (whipping my head around to face Dad) WHAT??
Dad: yeah, you didn’t know that? Remember the day she came home all excited about how she got this great tree for $20? From some guy selling stuff out of his VW micro-bus in the parking lot of the Dart Drug?
Ma: It wasn’t hot, I paid for it!
Dad: yeah, and do you think THEY paid for the tree? Don’t think so!
Me: (total shock and disbelief) Christmas was hot!?!
Demon hEX: hey Maria, did they charge you sales tax on that?
Me: Christmas was hot!?!
Dad: not all of it Sweets, just the tree!

*can open, worms everywhere*

Now, without further adieu, I’d like to share with you the perfect Christmas Tree of 2012! A perfectly shaped, wonderfully smelling Frasier Fur, lovingly selected by CW, and beautifully decorated by Minions 1 and 2! 

The Perfect Christmas Tree 2012
*please note the farm owner received full proceeds for the exchange of this tree*



  1. Where's the "like" button?? Awesome!!

  2. LOL!! I love Maria logic! "It was bought when I bought it!"
    Your tree looks awesome!

  3. I'm a little disappointed over the lack of critters, but overall it's a great tree!!

    Maria logic justifies most of my vices!!