Sunday, December 9, 2012


Every so often the demon hEX does something that literally makes me drop to my knees, throw my arms in the air, and thank the good Lord above for the magic of "divorce"!! (please note - this is frowned upon in public places)  One of these moments of giving thanks came the other night.

Once I was finished saying my thanks...on my my driveway...(apparently this practice just alarms the neighbors but I digress) I was overwhelmed with anger.  Pure, unabridged, totally adulterated anger.  I thought of several completely rotten things that I was going put in motion just to humiliate that rotten son of a bitch.  Then I was reminded of something I learned in an Al-Anon meeting.


Simple, right?  Think.  Is my response to the  recent meanness of the demon hex


The first question I always ask myself "Is a response Necessary?" If I determine that a response is necessary, I begin formulating a response that is thoughtful, honest, intelligent, and kind.  At the end of the day, I am these qualities.  My actions should carry these qualities.  I'm not going to let HIS mean actions dictate how I behave. I'm going to THINK!

That's a really good point GT!!!!
While going Banshee on his evil @ss I'm sure would give instant satisfaction, sometimes you really have to look at "Is this even worth it to respond?"  Will your response wake his @ss up to reality and suddenly make him a worthy parent?  Probably not.  Will he take your reaction as a sign that you still care about him as he can still push your buttons and get an emotional response from you- probably.
I am calling this DGTFTS!  (Dont' Give That F*cker The Satisfaction)

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