Tuesday, October 2, 2012

LMAO at the expense of my Mr. Coffee...

So, back in the late '90's I worked with two women, we will call them Thelma and Louise.  About 3 years ago Thelma started working at the firm I'm at now.  We're not in the same department so I don't see her too often but I did today and we chit chatted for a few minutes and then she says

Thelma: Hey, I met your ex-husband last Summer.
Me: My ex-husband? Really? Are you sure?
Thelma: yeah, yeah I'm sure.  You remember Louise?
Me: of course!
Thelma: well she and I met for a drink at McGees's (the bar across the street from my office) after work.  We were sitting at the bar, talking when some guy came over and started chatting us up. He sat down, we were laughing, having some fun and he asked us what line of work we were in.  We said patents.  He said that his ex-wife was as well.  He asked where we worked and I said 'right across the street.' He chuckled and said 'no way, so does my ex-wife'.

[I have to interject here, this bar is literally two stone throws away from my office.  And a good 40 minutes from his office, which does beg the WTF question...but I digress...]

Thelma: whose your wife? [demon hEX replies] Oh, sure, I know the good twin! I've worked with her for years...

And then she said that once she finished detailing our history he just got up and walked away.  She and Louise were looking at each other like "did we say something wrong?"

So, to recap, my ex-husband who is blissfully married to wife 3.0 was hanging out at a bar last summer (a bar that is across the street from my office and 40 minutes away from his office/home) chatting up pretty women he doesn't know?  Besides WTF?  What's a good saying here, a leopard never changes his spots? A tiger never changes his stripes?  Thank God and good riddance, he's someone else's problem now?

LMAO...I need to google coffee makers...


  1. P.S. I should mention that wife 3.0 met the demon hEX through FB and 6 months later she married him. She then uprooted her 6 yr old daughter and moved halfway across the country to live with him...the man she met on the internet and married after 6 months...and if she wanted to be that reckless, more power to HER but she has a child. I have no sympathy.

  2. Obviously he was stalking you and playing "good cop" hoping to get some good dirt from your Coworkers.
    I agree that you are much much better off without his Craziness!
    OH- and I really like K-Cups....

    1. Umm, do you not see the humor? He's chatting up some pretty girls at the bar, he's thinking he may get lucky, maybe even with both of them and BAM!! "We know your ex-wife and we like her". LMAO, how fast do you think willie went whishy?

    2. Merci, Marani de Maître! Je suis content que quelqu'un voit l'humour!!