Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Why I should never be left to my own devices

So the Evil Twin is serving jury duty today.  CW is in meetings about some stupid server thingy.  I’ve been left to my own devices.

I ordered the new Nook HD the other day!! *whoohooo*  I haven’t liked any of the covers for the Nook HD.  The one I could live with, ET vetoed as it has a bird on it.

 Artist's Dreams Stand in Purple

Clearly, she was not impressed by the pretty purple and the castle on the front.  
Artist's Dreams Stand in Purple

I love her anyway!  

CW is upset.  Apparently the Nook HD was going to be my Christmas present and I accidentally beat him to the punch.

Having no one to play with today, I was on the B&N website looking for Nook HD covers when I found this one:
Lautner Cover in Chocolate

SCORE!!!!! I like it!! DOUBLE SCORE, I have a B&N 20% off coupon!  I had to order it quick, before the Evil Twin gets out of court and vetoes this!  When I got the confirmation for my purchase, I noticed this:

Suitable for NOOK HD+ only

Frack!! I bought the Nook HD, not the Nook HD+! Now I have to return this cover and continue the exhausting search.  I blame CW for my naked Nook HD.  He’s been too busy trying to find a Christmas present for me to be any help with the Nook HD cover quest. *note, how can I make the Nook HD cover quest into a video game ‘cause that would be cool*

Having decided that the planets are not in proper alignment for me to do any shopping today, there wasn't much left to do but work.  I was happily typing away at my desk when I heard a very low, rather sinister voice saying “Good Twin” hiss hiss “Good Twin”.  It kind of sounded like the voice in the Ghostbusters movie when the pencil neck geek shuts down the ghost capacitor and all the ghosts escaped into New York City.  So I’m frantically searching all over my area trying to find the source of the evil voice when my eyes fall on Gus

Gus is my little squirrel that my wonderful Beach Lady friend gave to me to help me get over my fear of squirrels.  She probably shouldn't have left him on my chair.  Imagine pulling your chair out to take a seat and finding something that terrifies you waiting...patiently.  I was chuckling over my first meeting with Gus when suddenly, his furry little mouth started moving “Good Twin, Good Twin”.  This is very weird as Gus has never spoken to me before.

Me: Gus, this is very weird.  You’ve never spoken to me before.
Gus: Good Twin
Me: That's my name, don't wear it out!
Gus: Gooooooood Twwwwwiiiiiiiinnnnnn
Me: Don’t you have anything else to say?
Gus: Good Twin
Me: Do you want a cookie?  It’s got peanuts in it!
Gus: Good Twin
Me: Well, if that’s all you are going to say then I’m not speaking to you anymore!
Mail guy from 3 (here to deliver my mail): Ummm...Good Twin…who are you talking to?
(I’m expecting a call from HR any minute)

I blame the Evil Twin.  If she wasn't off doing her civic duty, she would be entertaining me and I wouldn't notice any voices outside of my head. Besides, anything that involves furry creatures talking to me has to be her doing anyway.

And yes, that is a flying monkey back there.  His name is Chopper.  He likes to sik balls.

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