Friday, October 12, 2012

Politics of the Do Not Call list

Despite being on the “Do Not Call” list, I get a lot of solicitation phone calls.  In fact, I think the “Do Not Call” list was just a way for companies to collect live numbers.  When my kids were toddlers, it was amusing to let them answer the phone.

Minion 1: Hi
Caller: Would you like to save money on your mortgage interest rate?
Minion 1: Hi! I like cheerios! Do you?

Minion 2: Batman!!
Caller: Is your current bank meeting your financial needs?
Minion 2: I like boogers!! Mr. Underpants! Bahhhaaahahaha

You can see why this has been a source of amusement for me.  I usually ignore my home phone.  The only purpose it serves is to allow us access to the outside world should our cell phones die and the internet go down…all at once… *shudder*  Anywho, I noticed the other day that I had 7 new messages on the answering machine.  It’s been awhile since my answering machine and I chatted, I decided to check the messages.

Doctor appointment confirmed for Minion 1.  No practice for Minion 2.  Of course, that was 6 days ago, but it’s nice of them to call! Pest control appointment last Tuesday confirmed, Ms. Ortiz’s kid skipped school again (I keep telling the local high school that I’m not Juan Ortiz’s mother and I don’t give a rat’s ass that he skipped school, I'm not going to excuse his absence as I'm guessing he was doing some of the same things I used to do when I skipped school, and to please update their phone records...yet they refuse to believe me…but I digress).  The next message….

Minion 1: Hello?
Caller: This is Steve Urkel from the Obama Campaign
Minion 1: Oh, hi!
Caller: Are you going to vote for the president this year?
Minion 1: The president? You mean Obama?
Caller: Yes! Obama! Are you going to vote for him?
Minion 1: Sure.  I'll vote for Obama!
Caller: How old are you?
Minion 1: 8.  No wait, 9.
Caller: Are your folks home?
Minion 1: No, I have a babysitter.
Caller: Good for you! What’s your name?
Minion 1: Minion 1
Caller: What a beautiful name!  Tell you folks to vote for our president, Mr. Obama.
Minion 1: I’ll try but my mom doesn’t take orders from 9 yr olds. She didn’t take orders from 8 yr olds either.

After I got done LMAO, Minion 1 and I had a long talk about not giving out information or even talking to strangers on the phone.  The sad thing is, I remember this conversation.  I was standing about 3 feet away from her.  I thought she was talking to one of her school friends and I was pleased as punch that they were discussing politics instead of clothes!!! *face palm* DOH!

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