Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A to Z Blog Challenge: U is for Umbrellas

Growing up I never saw the point of umbrellas.  I get it, they keep you dry in the rain.  But there is something so cleansing about the rain.  All the other kids would run inside when it started raining.  I'd take a long walk, rainwater running threw my hair, down my cheeks, dripping on my shoulders and soaking my shirt.  The rain was refreshing.  It renewed my little girl soul.

Then I grew up and got a real job.  One where I had to wear pantyhose and heels instead of flip flops.  They frowned upon showing up to work soaking wet.  I had to invest in an umbrella.  It was a black and white checkered Eddie Bauer umbrella.  I cussed at the price of $15.00.  Fast forward 16 years and the damn thing finally broke! As sad as I was over the passing of my umbrella, I do feel I got my money's worth.  Do the math, that thing cost me less than $1/year.

So back to Eddie Bauer I went and bought a new Umbrella.  $19.99.  Sweet! I thought.  This one should last 20 years.  Then my son got a hold of it.  It lasted about 20 minutes.  He broke it in half.  The metal part.  Seriously.  He's like the Hulk! Except he wasn't angry, just a little excitable.  And he's not green.

I went back to Eddie Bauer and bought another umbrella.  I used it once. I have no idea where I left it.  Karma seems to be targeting my umbrellas now. (which is kind of a bummer as I want a new dishwasher)

Last month I needed some unmentionables.  I was in Victoria's Secret, buying the unmentionables that I will not mention, when the cashier told me that I bought so much I get a free umbrella! (I really didn't spend all that much, I think they were just trying to get rid of the umbrellas...there's not a whole lot of "sexy" about an umbrella)  This umbrella is big and bulky and pink and black.  I wasn't excited about this as it was one more thing I had to carry to my car.  Suddenly it hit me, I just got a free umbrella! Sweet!!

I pulled the plastic sleeve off my new Vicki's umbrella and that's when I saw the price tag.  That pink and black mofo retails for $68!!! Sixty-eight dollars!! For $68 that umbrella better make it stop raining.  Or at the very least, hover over my head so I don't actually have to carry it.  $68 is more than I've spent on every umbrella I've ever owned in my entire life!!! Who would pay $68 for an umbrella that doesn't even have a push button thingy to open it automatically? (please don't actually answer that)

Just to give you some perspective into Christieland, I am trying to talk myself out of spending $60 on an ounce of a new tea from one of my favorite tea blenders in France.  That's right, spending $60 to import an ounce of tea from France that will last me maybe 2 weeks is more reasonable to me then spending $68 on a umbrella.

Do you have any service items whose price appalls you? What items will you splurge on? Do you own an umbrella? 


  1. I have two umbrellas that I never use. One smells like BBQ and the other is in the car. By the time I make it to the car the damage is already done.

    Why yes, I should take it into the house but I never think about it until it is raining. Alas, such is my life.

    As kids we'd always play in the rain. When it would rain very hard the gutters would fill up and we'd sit in them singing row, row, row your boat. Good Times.

  2. I hate using umbrellas! The ones I possess are swiped from my Mom. I tried "upgrading" to one offered by my Company and OMG- my entire car can fit under that beast!
    I think it's my little rebelious way of proving that witches don't really melt ;)