Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A to Z Blogging Challenge: H is for: Being the Greatest Letter of the Alphabet EVER!!!

I'm quite a fan of the letter "H".  So much in fact, that I have two of them in my first name!  Which is nice, but I had to kick it up a notch and add an H to my last name too.  (Yes, it was followed by other letters- but they are part of my family name so let's just focus on the star of the show shall we?)

Let's take a moment to kick back and look at the awesome example above.  The letter H looks like two people (edited for the younger folks) holding hands.  (I know, you totally see it now too!  Does it make you smile or smirk?  Or do you simply think that "Wow, Heather apparently needs to get her hand held more..")

I do enjoy a good hand hold!

When Football (American) players look at this letter do they immediately think "Just kick the field goal already!"
(two points if you made a paper football and flicked it at your screen.  You my friend are going places.)

So visually, the letter H rocks the cheeky humor.  And humor is definitely needed when you're feeling the urgent achy needs of another H word...  (I was going for hateful!  OMGoat get your mind of of the gutters people!)


I did a Google search on why the letter H is sometimes silent (hint: the right hand side is not his wife)
but the explanation on Wiki left me with my head hurting.  As well as a dislike of the French language (sorry John!)
Wiki, why is the letter H silent in French?
"Silent letters are common in French, including the last letter of most words"
So basically, if you're speaking in French, you should get your point across early on in the word or forever damn yourself to awkward silences :(
For example, I was watching a hockey game and the other team's goalie was kicking butt!  And when you look at the back of his jersey, his last name was "Guy"
So were I in the actual audience, I would have created the faux pas of saying "Wow!  Guy is on fire!"
"It's pronounced "Gee"
"It's French Canadian.."
"Well duh!  I was just making sure you were all paying attention."  *head hang o'shame*

H is also for "Hysterical" as in "Oh my goat, that's hysterical!" Because humor is what makes the hateful parts in life bearable.  If you can laugh, even sarcastically, in the face of SUCK, then you've made something fun out it.  Some of the best writing that I have enjoyed is where the Author can take a horrible situation and explain it in a way that leaves you on the floor gasping, belly aching and tears rolling down your face from laughing so hard. "Angela's Ashes" is a perfect example.  Also, pretty much anything from Jenny Lawson.  The woman can even make dead things funny! (As well as big metal chickens.)  Trust me, go to her site and read this post!!! "
 http://thebloggess.com/2012/09/victor-doesnt-understand-family-dynamics/ www.thebloggess.com

I'm going back to dreaming about hand holding...


  1. I learned something today! Glad I stopped by :)

  2. I can't get the grasp of French but I like H, he is a good friend to me. I would have so called that dude "Guy"! Now I know if I ever met a French person to say "geeeeeeee".

    1. I feel your pain there. Something gets lost in the transition from my brain to my mouth when I try to speak French :(

      And yes, you can totally say "geeeeeeee" as only the first part of the word matters anyway ;)

  3. Hilarious. I have never considered the visual of "H". Holding hands is my new favorite. The letter H will never be the same in my world!

    Jana @ A Novel Reality

  4. Ok I officially love your humor and blog...following you now for sure girl...blessings and thanks for the smile!

    Shannon at I Survived and Now I Run

    1. And the Best Comment Frigging EVER Award goes to...
      Thank you so much Shannon! The Good Twin and I are having an absolute blast with the A to Z Challenge! :D

    2. I second "Best Comment Frigging EVER"!!! (except I say "fracking", that's how you tell us apart!!)

      Thanks for reading!! :)

  5. Most entertaining. Never thought of H as two people holding hands. A-Z

    1. Thank you Sandy!
      I didn't either until I had to come up with something to replace what I usually say they are doing ;)

  6. Awesome work, Heather! Maybe I will tell you the story of a Frenchman trying to pronounce my friend's name, "Heather Hummel". ;)

    1. LMAO!!! Thank you John! We had a Frenchman staying with us every year and it cracked me up everytime I heard "Edge-errr"

  7. Oh my dad's goat that my van drove across a state line, that's hysterical!! And really sweet, I like the H for holding hands! :)

  8. I immediately thought of goal post; it's funny how the mind works.

    1. Isn't it though? I always count it as a win when my brain finds something entertaining :)

  9. My two years of high school French were pretty much wasted hours. My daughter is taking it now (even though I strongly suggested any other language the school offered), but she loves it. She also thinks it funny that I know one thing to say in French: "I am mad." Due to silent letters, I have no idea how it's actually spelled!

  10. LOL Michelle! I didn't appreciate having to learn Spanish in High School and I'm kicking myself for it now. As much as I pick on French, there are other languages that use the same letters as us, but have Effed up ways to pronounce them too. For example, when I tried to learn Irish:
    Good Morning is "God with you" which is spelled Dia Dhuit
    It's pronounced like Gee-A-g'witch
    (da heck is up with that???)