Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A to Z Blogging Challenge: Z is for...ZEDNIK!!!!

Behold the Awesome that is RICHARD ZEDNIK:

Here's another shot of my future Husband, showing the exact location I would attach myself to him like a sucker fish:

Although he's most known for almost dying from an accidental skate blade to the neck,
He's my own personal happy moment as he was the first of the Washington Capitals in HISTORY to score a goal in a Stanley Cup Finals game!!!!

Just wish my Grandfather had been alive to see it!

I'm very bummed to type that he is "retired" from playing hockey

Although that would give him more time for me....


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you!!! Our babies shall be beautiful, play in the NHL and make us rich! :D

  2. Ouch! I'm glad your future husband survived such a terrible accident. Enjoy!!

    1. Thank you!!! He was also almost offed by snow collapsing the roof of the stadium he was skating in in Slovakia :(

  3. Congrats on finishing the challenge!!!!

  4. I was beginning to wonder if "Z" Day was ever gong to get here! Congrats on making it through. Really enjoyed all your posts.

  5. (Not sure if my last comment went through or not, but! :)) I've enjoyed reading your blog! I nominated you for a Liebster Award. Visit the award post on my blog and read all about it. Instructions are there if you would like to participate. Congrats on a successful A to Z Challenge! Keep blogging :)
    - Bonnie at Bonniegwyn.blogspot.com

  6. Dropping by from the A to Z Challenge. Congrats on finishing it!

    I have to say, if I got an ice skate to the neck I would consider "retiring" as well.

  7. Congratulations on completing the challenge! Just stopping by to say hello. I'm visiting from the 2013 Post A-Z Road Trip!  Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn...

  8. I'm not much of a hockey fan but am subjected to it on a regular basis due to a fanatic boyfriend. I don't think I've noticed this player before but wow what a scary thing to live through. Sometimes when I see parts of the games, I imagine how worried their mothers must feel watching.

    Congrats on completing a-z. :)