Monday, April 29, 2013

A to Z Blog Challenge: Y is for Yesterday

is for Yesterday.  I thought about quoting the Beatles here because who doesn't love a classic Beatles song? But the only line coming to mind right now is "ooh I believe in yesterday".  And I do.  Yesterday made me who I am today! I've got 38 years worth of Yesterday's that taught me one more thing about myself and my world.  Yesterdays full of tears, full of laughter, full of living that all made me today!  (We could talk about the today that is shaping my tomorrow but we're past the T's)!!

On the eve of our final post for in the 2013 A to Z Blog Challenge, its apropos to look back at who we were when we started this challenge.  Excited with TONS of ideas!! Ready to take on our own blogs and make wonderful new friends!! We've all had our moments where we dragged a bit.  Our muse took a vaca.  Life pulled us back from our imaginations.  But here we are! Our final 2013 A to Z blog Eve!  We did it!! Yay!!

What was one of your favorite Yesterday's from this challenge?


  1. I've enjoyed them all - I love all the new blog connections the a-to-z challenge has provided!