Saturday, April 13, 2013

A to Z Blogging Challenge: L is for... Last Night's Dream

So technically it was this morning's dream- but it happened after I went to bed last night so it still counts!  (sorry, I am rushing through this blog so I can go visit the Good Twin at her new store that opened today!  *SQUEE!*)
So anyway, I had this far out crazy dream, only I had my best guy friend with me in the dream- he's someone I don't get to hang out with anymore and I was so happy to "see" him!  He totally rocked my dream too (big shocker there ;)  But I woke up so happy!!!  I miss being back in High School and having "driveway sessions."  He'd be working on his car and we'd just chat about everything and anything.  He's the only guy who understands both Heatherspeak and Drunk Heatherspeak.  And yeah, he's that level of awesome that has completely ruined me for all other men.  (Except Johnny Depp or Eddie Vedder, but I digress ;)
Do you have a good friend who's left a lasting impression on your heart?  Are you still in touch with him or her?


  1. I love having dreams like that... ones that make you happy rather than sad. Last night, mine was a bit more depressing (actually it's a recurring dream) about my late step mother in law who I loved to bits. But I dreamed she was haunting me. It was so real, it was horrible!

    1. I'm sorry to hear that Suzy ((((HUGS)))
      Sometimes dreams can be our loved ones checking in from the other side- which (in my opinion) can trigger the "fight or flight" mechanism in your brain since it doesn't know how to handle the situation.
      I've found that most of my reocurring dreams- are a PTSD way for my brain to heal from a traumatic event from my past. I used to have these "stress-mares" about being lost in the hallway at school and I can't find my locker- or when I do I can't remember my combination. It's pretty sad being almost 39 and still dreaming about High School trauma! LOL!

    2. Thank you! I do believe in all that stuff about our loved ones checking in from time to time so maybe if I focus on that, the next time it won't be so upsetting.
      I know what you mean about old stress-mares, occasionally I'll have a dream like that from school... ... and I'm 37. I guess they'll never leave us lol!

    3. Aww!! Hugs to both of you! But, umm...Heather, we're 38, just sayin'

      I try to take control of my dreams when they go places I don't want to go. Sometimes it works, sometimes my PTS is a bit much for my imagination. But I actively tell myself as I'm falling asleep that I'm in charge of my dreams. I got the idea from watching Freddy Kruger movies (and my Dad said they would rot my brain, HA!!)

      Seriously though, I really do tell myself I'm in charge and take over when I don't like how things are going.

    4. Speak for yourself OLD LADY!!! :D I still have WEEKS left to rock the 37!!! :D

  2. Replies
    1. Some people have mastered "Lucid Dreaming" but I am not one of them. I hope your dream goes from scary to awesome! Sometimes it takes a few before the brain realizes the visit is not a threat. *37 year old's fist pump*
      *Evil laugh at the Good Twin as her 38 year old fist can't hang*