Thursday, April 18, 2013

A to Z Blogging Challenge: P is for Patience

*Laughing at the irony of a Taurus writing a post about patience*

Yes, I do understand that it's a Virtue and what not, but I have yet to master the fine art of Patience. 

I entered this world as a storm of Taurus passion and anger - in fact, my sister had the ability to get me so mad while we were growing up, I would hyperventilate like a bull and charge her!

Of course it was my Sister's anger that a 12 and a half year old me chose to immortalize into poetry:

Anger creeps around
the house
like a mouse
turns your sister into a grouch.

Through the window
under the bed
it climbs inside your little head

Turns inside you
around and about
till you decide
to spit it out. 

- Heather Kyle August 30, 1987, age 12 &1/2

I've since learned that having a Sister is pretty awesome, although I do feel the need to teach the younger generation how to "snarl at the Ginger"

(The lovely Kimmy asking "It's behind me, isn't it?")

In the age of Google and Smart Phones, I am loving the fact that answers are a click away.  It's the not so instant answers that give me a headache.  "Why did I do this?"  "Why do I continue to do this?"  "How many frigging times must I do this before I allow myself to move on already?"
(S would be for Stubborn, but the Good Twin gets to do S ;)

Patience is the most important thing you can possess after going through a Divorce.  There's a part of you that goes all Teenager-reborn and you find yourself jumping into situations and your impulses (and hormones!) can have you dancing in a fire you never saw coming.  Giving yourself patience allows you to focus on yourself and get to know who you are, who you don't want to be, and where the heck you are going.  Rushing into love/lust is a no-win situation for both your heart and your ego, which are both trying to heal from the Divorce.  I won myself two years of bitter doing this and I don't recommend it at all.  Luckily, patience was able to bore through my Taurus skull, and I am loving my little vay-cay from the chaos of relationships and truly enjoying my singlehood!

*** Added for Yolanda***

funny pictures - I'm dressed just like my sister

Yep, it happened to us too:


  1. I had a sister who could do much the same for me. Awesome photo.

  2. Lovely little poem, sisters are fun, mine is a year younger, but we were dressed as twins. Love the laughter!

    1. Thank you Yolanda!
      Your parents did that to you too? Thank goodness I outgrew my Sister super fast- so the matching outfits didn't last long ;)

    2. You all had matching hot wheels too, how cute!! My Dad bought Karl and I matching toy lawn mowers once. I refused to play with it on the grounds that I would never use one in real life!

    3. Our Uncle spoiled us rotten! They were battery powered ;)

  3. Love that pic wit the two sisters. :D

  4. my sister and I were dressed the same too, although she was 3 & 1/2 years younger than me....well i was small OK..

    I could get so mad at her, sometimes I just wanted to throw her out of the window but we are totally cool now.

    1. LOL!!! I came crazy close to offing my sister via metal shovel to the head... we were digging to China in our Grandparents' backyard and every time I turned away- she swore she saw a little Chinaman (like the way they popped up in cartoons) I must have caught on at some point and took a swing at her! :( I'm much nicer now, honest!