Thursday, September 13, 2012

No- We're Not Going to Spam You

So I got this wonderful *account suspension* email from Google at 4:00 in the morning. 
(Insert total Evil Twin freak out and melt down here as to document it fully would require several hours worth of reading and therapy, lots and lots of therapy)
Long, painful story short- their system flagged our blog as "potential spam" and once I was able to dance through the hoops and prove that we are indeed real live people and not some evil company's robot using a free blog in order to spam people.
The potential spam warning will still come up when you go to open our blog and may take a couple days before they remove it.

Again- yes we are real people- and no we're not going to spam you.  We don't even like canned mystery meat! (except for those little Vienna sausages)


  1. Thank you John! It was definitely a huge twitchy nightmare that I am happy to see getting smaller in the rearview mirror :)

  2. Ha! I had a dream that our blog was taken down for being to controversial. lol, too bad you don't have a bff to help you out with these things...

    1. LOL!!! I was so upset that they thought we were spam robots! Anyone who has spoken with me can pretty much vouch- that yes, I am a human being and no, professional programming was NOT involved in my making ;)