Saturday, September 8, 2012

Yay! Free Samples! Oh wait....

After achieving the ultimate level of lazy- I placed my first order online to Bath & Body Works.  I love their products and the buy 3 get 3 free was too enticing to ignore.  So I ordered in mass bulk, smug in the knowledge that my big lazy behind no longer has to drive all the way to the store and waddle across the parking lot AND carry my own stuff back to the car (yeah, you get my point.)  So WIN!!!
Imagine my glee when I open the box and they've included free samples!!!  OMG, I have just hit the Bath & Body Works lotto and my butt is never driving there again!  Being of the paranoid sort, I grab the enclosed invoice to verify that yes, this goodness is free, so imagine my utter dismay at seeing that no- they did indeed charge me for my wins.  What?  It turns out I don't even like the smell of WIN!  (Although be Enchanted smells fabulous!)  Then I notice that the invoice is for $35.22 and I know my order was at least twice that (shut up- this Witch likes to smell nice!)  I also made the realization that no, I'm indeed not Jan McCoy in WV. 
Yep- someone in shipping and receiving was a tad drunk when packaging orders and they sent me Jan's by mistake.  I now have a tale of woe email into Bath & Body Works' Customer Service and let's see how well they save the day! 



  1. Did you order me more magic soap? I'm almost out and the Halloween scents should be in by now...

    Ok, getting back to you, did you place the order after a beer and rename yourself Jan McCoy? *sigh* Now I have to drive out to B&BW so I can smell Be Enchanted. Do they really have a scent called Win! now or am I having a blond moment?

  2. No! (pout) apparently Jan in WV isn't in to magic soap!
    You may not like Be Enchanted as it's more of an Evil Twin smell- I'll bring you over Jan's other purchases if they let me keep them.
    LOL! I dubbed all my "free" samples WIN until I realized they were not free...

  3. Remember last Christmas when I ordered 3 canisters of cinnamon popcorn and they sent me peanut butter? They let me keep the pb, which I gave to a very delighted Pumpkin! In summary, you should check out the Body Shop's Love, Etc. It is a total E.T. scent and the products are eco-friendly!

  4. ***UPDATE***
    So I called Bath & Body Work's Customer Service today. Not only was the lady apologetic and super friendly- they are letting me keep Jan's order and reshipping my order to me with 2 day shipping!
    I am definitely a happy customer now!

    1. Sweet!! Can't wait to pick over the "wins"!