Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I'm Never Getting Drunk Again!!!!

OK, so for anyone who knows me- the Title may be a bit of a stretch....
But seriously!  Elliott In the Morning (local DC radio show) was discussing this news story and my brain has been spinning about it ever since.  If you would like to read the whole story- please click:

Otherwise- we'll go straight to the point that's got me all spun up:

"But at the bar's entrance, according to the lawsuit, Dyer stumbled. He grabbed at the bar's wooden door for support, but a Smith Point employee allegedly closed the door on Dyer's hand—cutting off his left pinky finger.
Dyer, apparently so deep in a vod-bomb haze that he didn't notice he was down a digit, was trying to get cab money from an ATM when a cop pointed out that he was bleeding all over Georgetown. By the time Dyer was in an ambulance, however, it was too late to reattach the finger, according to his lawyer."
So if I am reading this correctly, it is humanly possible to be so drunk, you could lose a finger and not even realize it?  You could actually be wasted to the point that you have no clue that you're gushing blood while trying to use an ATM? 
Now I've been drunk before (yes, completely shocking, I know!) and I've been intoxicated to the point where my powers of observation are more than a tad flawed (yes, Good Twin's sliding glass door- I'm talking to you)  But this story freaks me out more than Spontaneous Human Combustion and spiders! 



  1. That's hysterical! Can you imagine this guy telling his friends "Dude, I got so drunk I lost a pinkie!!"
    Do you think the cop charged him with drunk it public? I bet the cop could also charge him with reckless endangerment and neglect, leaving that poor pinkie on the bar floor like that...
    "Dude, the judge took away my other 9 fingers because I'm a danger to them too" LOL!!

    Spontaneous Human Combustion still alarms me...

    1. Can you be charged with gushing blood in public?

  2. I can't believe this. I think the victim's recollection may be faulty if he didn't even realize he was gushing blood from his finger. SERIOUSLY. There's way too much reasonable doubt already. :)

    1. He’s definitely going to make bank with this. All I’m thinking is thank God the Policeman was there! Can you imagine going to work the next morning and finding a severed finger?