Wednesday, September 12, 2012

You Can't Argue with Crazy...

While driving back from a business trip today, (and NO that is so NOT the code phrase for "hiding bodies" - again, we don't do that and we recommend that you don't do it either.  Yes, it's tempting and yes, in my eyes you're probably 100% justified- however this is something that the Courts clearly frown upon *much like acknowledging that you've legally changed your last name- yes, VA legal system I'm talking to you* (cough cough) and therefore, sadly, we must as well.  Please leave the much needed cleanup duties to karma and pray that the Ex invests heavily in a ridiculously expensive washing machine...)
So back to me then? Indeed...
So Anywho- I'm on quite a long drive back home (we're talking "can almost make it through every guilty pleasure on your iPod" long) and as my brain is overly fond of wandering to places it should not- when I did tune back in to reality (aren't you glad you're not driving behind me right now?) -I found "Sane" and "Crazy" Me in a heated debate (I may have been distracted by a Rick Springfield song which I will neither confirm nor deny)
Sane Me:  OK, so what's the game plan?
Crazy Me: (being sarcastic) "Get Drunk and Cry?"
Sane Me: Technically that would not be a Game Plan as a Game Plan is where you pick a course of action that has the potential for a positive outcome.
Crazy Me: Well, it is too a game plan!  You can drink to the point where you forget why you were crying in the first place.  The positive outcome being that you are no longer crying (or caring!  And bonus points for tissues saved!)
Sane Me:  damn
Formerly Distracted Me: Holy hell!  Did Sane Me just lose an argument to Crazy Me?  And don't try to tell me you think it's just physical - it goes way deeper than that!
(OMG busted!)

Please Note: If you are reading this and find yourself pondering just how many Me's a single, normal sized human head could possibly contain- do know that I excel at being a mental onion of Olympic proportion. (Wait, there are onions in the Olympics?  Sadly no- both "Overly Dramatic" Me and "Bring on the Sarcasm!" Me insisted that I type that. So yes- mental onion of Olympic proportion and we're talking many, many layers- who sometimes bring friends- especially "Attention Whore" Me- ugh, she is such a Diva!)
 (Who is so NOT singing along to Rick Springfield at the moment)


  1. It appears that your head has more voices than mine...I'm rather jealous!

  2. Ha Ha!!! It's only jealousy-worthy when they all get along....

  3. The real question is which one has the credit cards and the Costco club cards.

  4. The lazy one has a BJ's membership *sigh* I hear Costco rocks!