Thursday, September 20, 2012

Evil Twin Popcorn Hangover

So, how bad is your popcorn hangover from my freak out last night?

What kind of popcorn were you eating?

I'm getting ready to order from the Popcorn Factory if you have any special requests.  I suggest you consider the 6 gallon tin as it doesn't appear that MMP is going anywhere...and I have many appliances...


  1. I think you just invented the snarkiest way of saying "we're going steady" ;)

  2. But seriously- I'm always here for you. Just as you are always there for me during my drunken spaz emails to HRH :)
    Everyone needs that friend they can go total Banshee with!

  3. Lol! I'm convinced I would not have freaked out as bad had I been drunk! But I sincerely thank you not only for being here during my freak-outs but for providing me with an excuse to order Popcorn Factory!!! :p <3u!