Thursday, September 6, 2012

Morbid Curiosity Killed the Cat....

So, most Peeps know that I'm divorced.  And like most divorces, we didn't part amicably like "Oh, my bad.. do carry on!"  No- it was ugly and painful...  Not only did it spin me off in a mid-life crisis, it had me in a total life crisis!  One minute I knew who I was, I was a Wife, Evil Step-Mommy and Cat Mommy, the next it's moving back in with the Parents sans cats and no clue of who I really am and where my life was headed.  And while I miss my cats like no tomorrow (am lucky enough that my awesome Step-Kids still love me and are friends with me) I have the greatest parents EVER- to the point where I'm never moving back out again!  (which could be quite awkward if I ever start dating again)
The only benefit being is that the Ex is completely out of the picture.  We didn't have biological children together- so no ugly drawn out custody battles.  He also moved out of state.  So besides the occasional drunk text or random email to my Dad, I've been virtually Ex free for almost 2 years now.  Today I received a text from the Ex wishing me well.  I've finally healed to the point where I don't scream in my head "DIE DIE!  PAINFUL AND SLOWLY!  DIE!!!!!" when I see his name come across my phone and there was a morbidly curious part of me that wanted to text back just to see what current drama he was in.  I'm sure Good Twin would beat me senseless were I to reply to his text
"Remember that time you got wasted in the Wegman's and called him up just to have him sing over the phone like a trained monkey?  Bad idea Evil Twin!!!!!"
(I so love her for putting up with me!)
So yeah, now that I look at it like an adult- I know that encouraging communication with the Ex is a bad idea.  And since I have no intention of rekindling a friendship with him- the right thing to do is just delete the text and move on.


  1. I applaud your adult move with this one, but did you have the bank call him? I hear they're curious! Despite (in hindsight) how hysterical the trained monkey Wegmans incident was, I do also applaud your "we're not friends - go away" stance with the Rev. hEX!

    In related news, the dreaded hEX did not care for my tone in my e-mail re-sending the last YEARs worth of insurance receipts for the kids and asking when I could expect to see his half. I wanted to reply with "I don’t care for your blatant disregard to your financial obligation to your children. And considering that I’m the one paying your half, interest free, one would say that my tone is way too civil. Give up your bar stool for a month and take care of your responsibilities, you jackass”

    Instead I just moved his e-mail to the "demon dean" folder and made myself a cup of cinnamon tea. :D

    1. LMAO!!! *Too Curious! Too Curious* - Thank you Johnny Virgil for providing us endless enertainment with your bank post ;) For those not in the know- please refer to the bottom of the followoing post:
      You gotta love the arrogance! "Yes, I owe you a ton of money but I'm really not appreciating your tone" doesn't that make you want to say
      "Try actually paying me, I assure you my "tone" will be much more civil almost downright friendly even!"
      *Deep Cleansing Screams* *Deep Cleansing Screams*