Thursday, September 6, 2012


So last night I played (for the first time) Plants vs. Zombies on Antonia's ipod. She quickly grew tired of me using her ipod...and as Mr. Moodypants was not sharing his ipad, PvZ was downloaded to my Nook.  I was happily playing PvZ this evening when Antonia sat down next to me.  "Mom!" She said, "How much have you played this today?"
"Not a whole lot" I replied. (Which is true...I couldn't sleep last night, I went to work today)
She continues "I've had this game two weeks longer than you and you are way past me.  You need to turn that game off and read your book!"

She actually tried to grab my Nook from me!


  1. How frigging long have I've been obsessed with Plants vs. Zombies and you're just now getting addicted to it? *long dramatic sigh* BTW- now when you see a group of people shuffling into a building- you're immediately gonna think "The Zombies are coming!!!!"

  2. I know you're obsessed with zombies but I missed the plants part. Oh crap, I'm only hearing half of what you say *insert panic here*

  3. OMG... remember when I had to man the table at work and I was emailing you about the fact that I was near a window and how awesome it was to see the squirrles and oh BTW when the people start walking up the sidewalk it looks JUST LIKE Plants vs. Zombies!!!! *sigh*

    1. I remember you being at the table and no one saved us any crumpets. I remember the European guy in the elevator being up in your personal space...we always talk about zombies...nope, don't remember any plants...