Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Special Thank You to John Marani

So, a couple of posts back I was whining about how much it sucks to be the new blogger on the block. I need blogger friends!  Blogger friends who leave comments!  Am I even doing this right?
I also sent a Facebook message to my friend/teacher/HHP John Marani as I wanted to create a link to his web page on here as I feel people who excel in their chosen fields should get a special shout out.  Plus, not everyone is lucky enough to know John- but they should!
Not only was John good with being Internet stalked by the Evil Twin, he also became our first follower!  Not only that, he gave us a special shout out on his own blog as well as walked me through blog awesome that I had yet to discover.  Sometimes life blesses you with friends who are willing to show you the ropes, protect you from the bullies who are out to steal your lunch money and are there to let you know that someone believes in you.  Thank you John for your encouragement, wisdom and ability to deal in all that is Evil Twinism! You Sir, Totally Rock!!! 

P.S.- Now get back to writing!  ;)


  1. Yes ma'am. I am writing constantly. Maybe someday I will publish a booked can buy. :)

  2. Awesome! Put me down for a pre-order!

  3. I miss all the love when real life gets in my way!! I 2nd Evil Twin sentiments, want to pre-order autographed copy and am willing to donate one of the 16 books I've started (darn ADD)!!

  4. You two are something else. Tell you what...we will revisit this when I am published. :)