Sunday, September 9, 2012

Spending karma at the Nike outlet...

My kids and I were in search of new shoes yesterday.  I imagine plucking my finger nails off with pliers is less painful than shoe shopping with my daughter...*shudder at memory* So we enter the Nike outlet and she makes a b line for the kids section.  I 'm walking, very slowly, in her direction when I notice that my 6 year old son, who was right next to me, has stopped to inspect the two mannequins in the front of the store.  He is starting at them with the "WTF" look on his little face when I notice that the mannequins have no heads!

Me: Minion 2! What did you do with their heads?
Minion 2: (WTF look changes to deer in headlights look)- I didn't do anything!
Me: Minion 2, I'm going to have to pay for those. Now I'm asking you again, what did you do with those heads??
M2: (deer in headlights moves to mini panic) Honest mom! I didn't touch them, I didn't do anything! I promise mom!

At this point the sales guy standing near us busts out laughing, which makes me bust out laughing.

M2: (panic changing to a big cutie pie grin): Oh, I get it mom. You're joking on me!!  Haha

Me and sales guy are laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes!

 *Channeling Evil Twin* 

P.S.  please don't call CPS, I'm actually a very good mom!  Look what I made him for breakfast...


  1. Auntie Evil Twin is starting a trust fund for Aidan's therapy....

  2. Our little way of making sure future shrinks have stable employment...

  3. I love how you are so selflessly devoted to others! Please let me know when you've reached "Mention the Good Twin to receive a special discount" status! ;)

  4. BTW- Did you see there is a link to this post on my FB page? #the awesomeness that is John Marani!!!

  5. This is great- a sense of humor starts at home. If we do our jobs right, we'll have little snarks in no time! Just have to keep the wine above arm's reach, that's all...their arms, I mean...

    1. HA HA! Only if we keep the wine above arm's reach, how will the little darlings be able to pour Mommy's special juice for her? ;)